4 Most Underused & Important Signals

Alarm Panel Keypad
“Image courtesy of Ove Tøpfer on FreeImages.com”

We really appreciate our installers and value their customers and the trust they put in us to keep them safe, along with their businesses. We guard them for Fire, Burglary, Medical, and Panic/Duress, but there are other things that we can monitor to help ensure our customers be safe and confident in our care… Non-Emergency signals that are surprisingly underutilized.

Failure To Test/Communicate – Our Central Station sometimes gets calls from customers saying “I accidentally set off my alarm and no one called me” or “My home (or business) was broken into and you never notified me.” And unfortunately, sometimes our answer is that we never received a signal from their alarm system. And much of the time it could’ve been prevented.

This signal is so valuable in alerting the customer and you, the dealer, that their alarm panel may either not be communicating properly or may need a service call. The signal can be something you monitor via email or text or it can be something the Central Station calls the customer on. The choice is yours. But more importantly, you’ll know if and when it doesn’t send signals.

Opens/Closings – Yes, this signal lets us know when someone enters their codes into the alarm. More importantly, it tells us when the alarm is armed or disarmed. You’d be surprised at how often a customer may ask us if someone entered in codes to their alarm and we don’t know because it’s not set to respond. Information like this can help a home or business owner make a decision that can prevent false alarm responses and give them peace of mind.

Water Alarms – This notification alarm can be a huge life saver, especially during these winter months when frozen pipes or sump pump issues can do so much damage to a home.

System Inactivity – This signal is simple. It just lets us know when an alarm hasn’t been used (armed or disarmed) in a little while. This is something we can report with a phone call or an email/text message so that you, the dealer, can check that your customers are okay.

These signals are some of the less popular troubles, but the rewards to our dealers and customers can be priceless! It helps us help you limit your liability and aid in keeping your customers safe.

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