5 Ways to Prevent Dispatch Delays

In our business, timely responses are everything. Our Central Station dispatchers strive to ensure that we’re able to help your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible because, from Day 1, we make sure they understand their jobs are to help save lives and property. And they take pride in giving YOU, our dealers, their very best.

Part of their success counts on you, the dealer, ensuring they have the tools they need to succeed on your behalf.

Here are 5 simple things YOU can do to ensure our dispatchers’ success and, ultimately, your customer’s peace of mind.

  1. Make sure you have the correct dispatch numbers on the account and properly identified in the “Relation” field in Stages. (You’d be surprised how often we have incorrect or NO dispatch numbers. Having a wrong or nonexistent dispatch number means the operator has to search for the correct one before they continue with dispatch.)
  2. Make sure that the verification lists are current. (Often we find the primary number is the disconnected landline left from before the customer went wireless. Or, in the case of businesses, the person who answers no longer works for that company.)
  3. Make sure the address is correct, and if you can, include the cross streets. (This can be as simple as not having the North or South descriptors, but it all makes a difference.)
  4. If licenses or permits are required, please make sure we either have the proper information or the instructions you wish for the operators to follow.
  5. It helps if your customers know their passcodes, their duress codes, and the difference between the two. (We understand customers aren’t perfect, and when they give us both, our operators try to use their best judgment.)

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