The Premier Central Monitoring Station

Family owned since 1973, we know the alarm business well, and the work it takes to build a business.  Collaboration is the cornerstone of our philosophy, because when your business grows, so does ours.  Let us help you grow and scale your businesses to the next level of success!

We take great pride in our ability to consistently provide more features and improved quality for the lowest possible price.  We succeed when our clients invest in themselves, that’s why we have never raised our rate.  We want you to leverage our technology and expertise to be better, faster, and cheaper than your competition.

Our Personnel are What Set Us Apart

Our state of the art technology is continuously improving, but what really sets us apart is the professionalism of our people.  Our support staff have decades of experience installing alarms and you will always get the personal attention you deserve.  All American’s support team is dedicated and professional, you will always come first.

All of our operators are TMA certified.  You can count on a professional response to your customers’ alarms.

UL Certified, CSAA 5 Diamond Central Monitoring Station

Our CSAA 5 Diamond Central Monitoring Station is UL Certified, technologically advanced, and built to last.  Our facility has 12″ steel reinforced concrete block walls, a reinforced steel roof and hurricane resistant windows. We have three large generators with 2400 gallons of underground fuel to supply power in the event of an outage and a backup water source. Our underground phone lines connect directly to the phone company’s central office. We are fully prepared in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency.

All American Monitoring Central Station