Adding and Updating Accounts

You, our amazing dealer, have just signed up a new account. Of course you want to get them started right away. That means making sure you’ve got an account number handy. That you’ve got their pertinent information including contact lists and passwords and correct addresses and dispatch numbers.

And you want to get it all into the system immediately to show off the wonderful service your customers can expect from you, right?

Or maybe you just need to update a contact list and password for a customer because of staffing changes or family moving away. Still, urgency is key.

What things can slow down your process?

Believe it or not, sometimes YOU can. Not on purpose, mind you, but in a rush, it’s easy to forget the necessaries.

The BIGGEST things that have either impeded data entry completely from happening or slowed it down considerably are usually one of 3 things:

  1. You forgot to put the account number on the form you either faxed or emailed in.
  2. You forgot to put your dealer code on the form you faxed or emailed in.
  3. You sent the paperwork late Friday or over the weekend or during a holiday when dealer support is closed.

Here’s the cool thing, though. YOU can easily fix this. The easiest way is to log onto the Stages App and do it yourself. If you STILL have not logged in or signed up…Here’s How! And if you’re struggling on how to enter the information? Laura has generously created VIDEOS that allow you to follow along and do…not to mention there are all sorts of posts with screen shots in our What’s New category on our website that you can use as guides.

Now if you’re a traditionalist and the idea of doing your own data entry is too much or you would rather we do it for you, we’re still thrilled to help. Just email the proper information along with your DEALER CODE and the customer CSID/Account # to or fax the information to 941-366-8032 and we’ll get it in the system for you as quickly as possible.

Either way, we love to serve you and we just want to keep the process simple while giving you as much control as you’re comfortable with.