Advice For No Charge

Low batteries.

No, it’s not the sexiest topic, but it’s an important one.

Like you, we at Central Station know that there are all sorts of different Low Battery signals. Although there are keyfob batteries, sensor batteries, and many more, it’s the panel low batteries that are treated with the highest degree of seriousness.


Because although your customers may not understand the importance of the backup battery to their security, we do. And we know that the value isn’t just in their protection. It’s also for you, our dealers. And yet it’s also probably the cause of some of your most frustrated complaints from customers. You know, because they received an unwanted call in the middle of the night that scared the beegeezus out of them, only to be told that their back-up battery on their alarm panel was running low.

But it’s very important for them. Consider this last few years…

Between the hurricanes, floods, snow storms, and fires, there have been plenty of power outages. Your customers often have no idea that once their electricity goes out, it’s their backup batteries that protect their homes. They also often don’t realize that just because it’s rechargeable doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need to be replaced.

It’s the way to protect people and their property from fire, burglary, and alert the proper responders for the other signals it monitors despite no electricity. This also means a low battery signal can sometimes occur because something is malfunctioning with the AC power to the alarm panel.

Why is this a priority for you? Our notification calls protect you by ensuring that your customers are aware when their alarms may or may not be fully functional, thus lessening your liability. It also gives you and your customer an opportunity to replace their battery before anything bad happens to them or their possessions.

To be clear, our Central Station policy on System Low Batteries are to contact the customer to notify them every single time the signal comes in, no matter what time (day or night) the signal arrives. Again, this is to ensure your customers’ safety and minimize your liability, which is why, if we can’t connect with your customers, our dispatchers have been instructed to call you and notify you of our inability to tell your customers.

If you would like to set the time for us to call your customers to a specific range, we can accommodate. It simply requires a note from you, the dealer, on the account advising our operators of exactly what time frame is acceptable.

If you or your customers opt to assume liability and want our operators not to call, it can be done, but only with the proper documentation submitted on file. To obtain the correct form, simply call or email our Support team to request it. You may also click HERE.