Danger: Missed Return Steps for GSMs

GSM radios have become a way of life in the alarm industry and we love supplying you with the products and services you need. That’s what support is all about!

But sometimes things get in the way of helping us help you. So…. We wanted to make sure you had the information and tools to ensure the returns are processed right THE FIRST TIME, saving you Time and Money!

Here are the step-by-steps to follow and WHY!

  • First call Dealer Support to troubleshoot with one of our awesome staff members.
    • Shipping charges are always forwarded to you, the dealer, so getting things right the first time (and with the correct information) means saved money.
    • If the items returned to support test okay (usually because you didn’t troubleshoot first), the radios will be returned back to you and you will be charged for shipping.
    • After troubleshooting, we will send you a return form.
  • Send Return form back with radios.
    • Make sure to include your dealer code and description of the problem.
    • Not filling out the form with the correct information can and will cause a delay in the replacement GSM being sent.
    • Returns without forms or correct information will also cause you, the dealer, to continue to pay for the unit you’ve returned until we can match it to the correct dealer/account, testing is complete, and defect is verified.

The key for you, the dealer, is to partner with us on your returns.

Help us help you ensure that there is truly a defect with your GSM so you don’t overspend on shipping charges or have delays in refunds and returns due to improperly labelled/identified devices.