Dealers and the Team Assist

There’s only one thing our Central Station Operators love more than talking to you, Our Dealers. That’s helping your customers either when they call in needing help or when they are receiving our calls.

Our operators are passionate about their job and making sure you and your customers are taken care of. They value the trust you’ve placed in their hands. They value you. They don’t want to let you down.

But we need your help. Recently we’ve seen up to a 40% increase in calls through our Central Station line by dealers calling to either be transferred to Dealer Support or to place accounts on test. While we are happy to help, we know you’d rather our Central Station operators focus their time and energies on your customers.

To that end, we want to make sure you’ve got all the tools you need to do your jobs. If the reason you’re calling is because you haven’t yet downloaded the Stages App to your phone, we’d like to offer you the opportunity and tools to do so. For step-by-step instructions in writing click HERE. If you want to follow along by video, Laura has created a webinar just for you. Click HERE!

If you’re not comfortable maneuvering through stages after watching Laura’s videos HERE, you’re always welcome to call into support and schedule a digital walk through with one of our team.

Also, just in case you don’t have the correct numbers to call directly to Support, we wanted to make sure you have them. Help Us Help YOU better!

Dealer Services: 941-329-3842
Data Entry:
Billing: 941-329-3844

Of course, after hours and on weekends, if you need help, we’re always there for you on the Central Station line.