Getting to Know Us…Part 4

We’ve been having an amazing time this year, traveling to various events and getting to meet you, our dealers. We have one more big event left. This one will bring us to New York, and we hope we’ll see a bunch of you at ISC East! We’ll be at booth #511, so please stop by and say hello.

Laura S.

Today we thought we’d introduce you to Laura S. another one of our team members who will be travelling with the rest of the team to meet you guys in person. Many of you, especially those who’ve been with us for a while probably know her voice quite well, but we thought we’d give you all a chance to get to know her in her own words.

All American: Tell us a little bit about your current role within our company.

Laura: I lead an excellent dealer support team. These days that job includes working closely with sales and IT to bring in new dealers while helping to develop new processes and protocols to help grow our customers’ businesses.

All American: How did you get started in this industry?

Laura: Over 30 years ago I applied as an installer and wound up a Sonitrol operator, experiencing first hand the many changes that have taken place within our industry.

All American: What gives you the most job satisfaction?

Laura: I love constantly learning something new in an industry that never stops evolving. But my favorite part is being entrusted with our mutual customers’ lives and properties and developing those relationships. That’s what it’s all about.

All American: What’s your favorite part of the job?

Laura: Creating and cultivating close relationships with our dealers and helping them to grow their businesses and realize their dreams.

All American: What should our customers know about you?

Laura: That I’m not the tall, willowy blonde they’ve always imagined me to be? (Kidding) But seriously, It’s important to me that our dealers know that not only do I genuinely care about their businesses, but that I truly love working with them and will do everything in my power to be there for them whenever they need me.

All American: What famous quote do you feel best describes you?

Laura: There’s one I always felt described who I strive to be…

“If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart.”


Thanks for sharing with us today!