Holiday Closings For Biz Customers

Holidays are important to everyone, but for business customers, it can also be extremely complicated, and their livelihood and peace-of-mind count on you, our Dealers, getting things right and ensuring Central Station is giving their best for your people.

Here’s why ensuring you have an accurate Holiday Schedule entered into Stages is a huge benefit to you, your customer, and to Central Station.

  1. Having an accurate Holiday Schedule reduces guess-work by Central Station on whether or not a business is open or closed.
  2. It reduces the volume of unwanted/unneeded calls to business owners to notify of failures to Open/Close their business.
  3. It allows our Central Station dispatchers to focus on customers and business that actually NEED their attention.
  4. It minimizes the amount of inaccurate emails/texts being sent to you, the dealer, as well as your business clients.

We’re sure your customers would rather enjoy their holidays off with their loved ones rather than be startled awake much earlier than needed to be asked about a business that isn’t open. We’re also certain that you’d much rather any alarms or troubles called to them during a holiday they opt to close be an actual legitimate concern.

Here are the steps for adding in Holiday Closures for your customers.

Data Entry Opens/Closes

As seen above, this section is found under a tab for Area Open/Closes. To the right, inside the orange boxed in spot marked in black in this picture is the spot where holidays are placed. To add a holiday, click on the white “+” button.

Select the Holiday

Once you’ve begun to “add” a holiday, click the drop down button as seen above. All the national holidays have been added and will appear so you can select the correct holiday for your customer. Click the holiday that your customer will be closed and it will appear in the blue box.

Save Your Work

Once you’ve got your holiday set, don’t forget to save! Also, we’re aware there are many holidays that may not necessarily be on the national holiday schedule (certain religious holidays, etc.), so if there is a holiday that your customers may need added, there’s a strong chance you’re not the only dealer with this dilemma. Let us know so we can assist you by placing it on the schedule for you. As always, we’re here to help YOU!