How To Add Seasonal Schedules

With Black Friday rapidly approaching and many corporate accounts that include retail, food service, and other holiday affected businesses, we thought it would be a good idea to share how you can create an alternate holiday schedule for your impacted business customers.

As we know, holidays can get very hectic, so the more accurate our information is about when your customers are open and closed, the better we’re able to assist them. Here’s how you can set up alternate schedules for the times they may be open for extended holiday/seasonal hours.

Creating a Temporary Schedule

If you don’t remember where to go to create a schedule in the first place, click HERE to revisit how to set standard hours, opens, and closes.

When adding a temporary or holiday schedule, you simply start by clicking the button as shown above with an arrow. The mandatory label fields (Schedule #, Description) will still be required on the seasonal schedules.

Setting the timeline

Next, you will be required to enter a timeline of when to start the seasonal hours and when to end them as shown above. Pretty self explanatory.

Seasonal Open/Closing Windows

Also, as seen above, you’ll want to enter how many minutes of leeway you want to give your businesses before Central Station begins to call on Early/Late Opens and Closes as well as Failures to Open/Close.

Seasonal Hours

Next step will be entering in the correct opening/closing hours and saving. This includes adding weekends if they’re open. If they’re not open on specific days, simply remove the day from the list. Also, as seen above, once the schedule is saved, you will see listed under “Schedules” both your Normal Schedule and the Name of the holiday schedule. We didn’t get creative, we simply used the dates surrounding the holiday schedule as the description so we’d be easily able to pinpoint the time frames.

Hopefully this helps you help your business customers with efficiency and care and enable our Central Station to make all the correct calls on your behalf.