How to Download the Stages App

Although the biggest growing pains around integrating to Stages is done, there are still some things that you, our dealers, have not been comfortable doing on your own. So, instead of calling Laura, we thought we’d give you a few do-it-yourself options.

Step One: Go to the Google PlayStore for Android or Apple’s AppStore for iPhone.

Step Two: If you have an Android, search for Stages Mobile by Secure Global Solutions, then download it. If you’re an iPhone user, search for Stages for Business by Secure Global Security, then download it.

Step Three: Fill in the next three sections, then save.
Name: Stages
User Name: (Your dealer portal user name)

Step Four: Make the app active by touching on the words on the screen where it says Saved Endpoints.

Step Five: You will receive a prompt to enter your password and log in. This information is the same as your password for the dealer portal. When you see a Summary of your accounts, you’re IN!

And if these instructions are still a bit of a challenge, click HERE for a video walk through with Laura.