How to Play .opus Files from Call Recordings

The .opus files from our call recording system might be unfamiliar, but most audio software will play them. Windows Media Player is a notable exception, and it is the default audio program on some versions of Windows. This is why double clicking the .opus files sometimes fails to play them. This guide will detail two ways of playing the files, one of which does not require installing any software.

Method One: Select Groove Music or a web browser as the default program for .opus files

Save the file to your Desktop or Documents, since you may not have this option if the file is an attachment in an email program like Outlook.  Right click the file and select “Open With…” Groove Music (Groove is pre-installed on Windows 8 and 10). Click “More Apps” if the program you want to use does not appear in the list.  Alternately, you can select Chrome or Firefox as the default program (browsers can play most media files). Make sure the box “Always use this app to open .opus files” is checked.

Method Two: Install VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is highly regarded, free audio software. It will work on any version of Windows. If you choose this method you should keep the software updated. Download and install VLC from  You may need to right click the .opus file and select “Open With…”  If VLC does not appear in the list, select “More Apps” on Windows 10 (More Options on Windows 8).  Select VLC from the list and make sure the box “Always use this app to open .opus files” is checked.

You can also make VLC the default program for all media