Introducing Our #AAMCS All Stars at #ISCWest

Are you going to be at ISC West? We are! While we can’t wait for the reunion with some of you, we’re also thrilled at the opportunity to put faces to names we interact with every day.

As we’ve posted on our various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter handle: @AllAmerCS, LinkedIn, and Instagram handle: allamericanmonitoring), we’re going to be using #AAMCS to share within our teams and followers to share the excitement, so keep an eye out for pictures and tags, and feel free to join in our fun. In fact, we’d love it if you would!

Having said all that, we wanted to introduce you to the amazing Super Stars we’re sending to Vegas…. So here they are!

The Newlyweds

Meet Laura, our resident newlywed. She began her career in the Alarm industry as a Sonitrol operator and has been in the industry for quite some time! She’s been with us at Alarm Specialist since the late ’80’s where she met the handsome man sitting beside her. In fact, she’s been with the company long enough to see her daughter, and now her grand-daughter, work with her at All American Monitoring. And she’s looking forward to seeing some old friends and customers at ISC West!



Phill has been working for All American Monitoring for over 7 years. He began his career as a technician, installing alarm systems, cameras, and access control, which makes him a terrific liason on our Dealer Support staff. His knowledge and friendly, easy-going personality make him a fountain of knowledge and a terrific resource for new dealers coming on board. He truly knows what it means to work both sides of the business from installation to ensuring the safety and support of both our customers and our dealers, and he’s passionate about it. He’s also excited to meet you, so make sure you say hello!



This is Michelle. One of our bilingual support staff, she started with us in 2013 as one of our data specialists. Her purpose was maintaining the accurate data necessary for proper alarm response. Her extensive experience in the customer service, marketing, and financial services industries has given her the knowledge to work in various capacities within the company in a short period of time. Born in Colombia and raised in Puerto Rico before finally moving to Florida, she takes great pride in her family and her favorite football teams, the Florida State Seminoles and the New York Giants. She’s looking forward to putting some dealer faces with their names, so please stop by and introduce yourselves!



Last, but definitely not the least, meet one of our newer team members, Victoria! This Jersey girl is a Florida transplant and another bilingual team member. Newer to our company, but definitely not new to finding new, innovative ways to help our customers, she comes to us with more than 10 years of leadership and customer support experience and is excited at the opportunities to grow that All American Monitoring offers. We know she’s going to be a rock star, and we can’t wait for you all to meet her, too, so say hello and welcome her to our stellar team!


Finally, we’d also like to invite you to either join us, cheer us on, or help us raise some money for the 2019 Security 5k Run/2k Walk. Victoria is our team captain and will be doing the 2k walk portion, while Phill has committed to doing the 5k run. Proceeds, of course, go to charity, so check out our ‘We Are Positive’ team and show us a little love! Click HERE for the details!