Keeping Spirits Bright Holiday Tips and Tricks

Tips to ensure both rapid response and minimal false alarm calls during holidays.

  • People tend to leave town during the holidays, which is awesome! Don’t forget that we can put temporary vacation notes on accounts with alternate action plans so that we’re protecting their homes by calling the appropriate people. Your customers are welcome to leave the instructions with you or with our Central Station. (It also doesn’t hurt to remind them not to announce on social media that they’re leaving–making them targets.)
  • Remind your customers to program our Central Station phone number into their phones as “Alarm Company” or “Dispatch” so that they don’t send us to voicemail thinking we’re telemarketers.
  • Winter is also blizzard or inclement weather season for much of the country. Please remember that if you know you’ll be experiencing outage or poor weather you, as the dealer, can call us at Central Station and have us place a “Mass On Test” for all your AC Power and Low Battery signals for a specific amount of time.
  • Lots of cooking and baking happens during the holidays. Also lots of Holiday Programs at businesses. It doesn’t hurt to remind your customers that are more prone to setting off the smoke detectors to call us in advance to place their alarm panels on test before they set off their fog machines or fry up their bacon or burn cookies.
  • It’s also not unusual to have house guests during this time of year. It’s never a bad idea to remind your customers to educate their guests about passwords and how to arm and disarm alarms. Nothing worse than guests being greeted by police because they didn’t know to answer the phone and give a code.

Most importantly? We want to make sure you and your customers have a happy and healthy holiday season!