Mass Appeal of Mass On Test

Mass On Test — You’re probably wondering what that is and how it benefits you, the dealer, right? It’s not something you have access to doing yourself, but it’s definitely something we can do to make your life so much easier when you’re challenged or dying to relax and enjoy your time.

Initially, when our Central Station heard about this feature they got super excited about the benefits this feature would have during disasters, and it’s definitely been a dream come true there, but it’s actually been more versatile than that.

Here’s what a “Mass On Test” can do for you–

  • It allows our supervisors to place troubles like A/C Power Fails and Low Battery signals on test for a limited amount of time
  • It can put things like Fail To Opens on test for a set amount of time.
  • It can put the troubles on test for just YOUR customers.
  • It can be narrowed down to your customers in a specific state or expanded to multiple ones (which is great for dealers who may offer services to multiple states).
  • It can be done across the board to every dealer if needed.

Think back to a holiday like Memorial Day or Independence Day or even Christmas when it’s fallen on a weekday. As much as we wish it weren’t the case, not every commercial customer you have thinks to give you an advance schedule of all the holidays they’re closed, nor do you always remember to enter that information or send it to data entry. And that’s okay, especially now that Mass On Test is available.


Because now our supervisors can create a blanket Mass On Test for “Fail to Open” across the board for several hours which will eliminate the Fail to Open calls to businesses and their owners that are closed. Our Operators will still, however, call on Off-Time Opens/Closes, so the businesses are still being watched appropriately.

As for when disasters strike?

Today was a great example. When the A/C Power Failures and Low Batteries started coming in large quantities and for the same cities/states, after a couple were able to confirm that the signals were hurricane/tropical storm generated power outages, they started calling you, the dealers, for permission to place your accounts on test.

When we were able to get a response, you were offered the options of placing all your low batteries and A/C powers on test, how long you wanted to put them on test, and if you only wanted specific states or your entire client list on test. The moment our team knew, they made our supervisors aware and your customers were cared for, allowing our teams to place the lion’s share of their focus on the customers with actual alarms!

This kind of teamwork helps our staff be more efficient for you and with minimal delays despite what may be going on in the outside world. It helps us give your customers the peace of mind they deserve knowing that they’ll be cared for no matter what.

But you know the best part? YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT FOR A CALL FROM US!

You are ALWAYS welcome to call in to the Central Station and let us know if and when you have something going on where Mass On Test may be beneficial. In fact, we LOVE hearing from you if and when there’s an opportunity to help your business.