Noted In the Details

In prior posts we’ve visited the importance of having current contact lists, medical information, and accurate zone lists. But there are other important factors that can help ensure your customers get the best, most timely response.

Detailed notes for an operator to follow are key.

Here are some bits of information that can be extremely helpful:

  • Cross streets – This little bit of information is hugely important, but often missed. This can also help to ensure that if there are more than one street in the same town with the same name (and maybe Blvd, St, Dr, Ct or whatever other ending is put on incorrectly), the police or fire department are still able to respond to the correct location.
  • Number of residents – It helps when we can advise police or fire department of how many people are in the home, and general age ranges or whether or not anyone has special needs. Especially in the case of a gas alarm or fire, this ensures that no one accidentally gets left behind.
  • Pets or guard animals – Whether it’s rescuing a family or protecting against intruders, this knowledge can help prevent destruction or harm to a beloved family animal.
  • Subdivision Names, Gate, or Garage Door Codes – Having this information is hugely important, especially if there is a locked gate that requires a code or a guard on duty who may need to be notified of emergency response. It can also prevent damage to property if and when emergency services has an alternative entry route that doesn’t include breaking down a door.

These little details may not seem like much, but when it comes to appropriate responses, they can be a huge difference. All it takes is a quick note on the account so that our Central Station operators can see and advise dispatch appropriately.