Proper Address Protocol

Lately our Central Station has noticed an influx of accounts that appear to be missing addresses because they’ve been placed in the wrong data entry blocks, and it’s easy to see why.

When entering a new account you see something like this:

As you can see, on a new account being created, there’s only a small link under the subscriber name. What’s creating the confusion is the second half of the screen which has this:

What’s happening is that the address is being filled out on the lower part meant for descriptions and clarifications. They’re a great tool for additional information needed to speed up the dispatch process, but it’s not where the permanent physical address should be placed.

What really needs to happen is for the link on the upper part to be clicked so that it opens to the following:

THIS is where the address needs to be placed so that it shows up correctly on the accounts for the Central Station to be able to appropriately respond to an alarm, especially when dispatch may be needed.