Sorry, No!

When talking to our dealers, No is not a word we want in our vocabulary. Usually. Unfortunately, sometimes we’re left with no choice.

Here are a few questions that, no matter how much we may love you, will get an automatic “no” from our Central Station….and why.

Can you put this zone on test for my commercial fire account?

No. Unless your zones each represent different buildings, we absolutely can’t. But YOU can through your Stages app.

I need you to call keyholders first before you dispatch on this commercial fire alarm and I put notes on the account.

Sorry, no can do. We’re legally obligated to dispatch first. The only way we can follow a note like that is if you’ve sent us a letter from the Fire Marshall authorizing this exception.

Cancel the dispatch on that commercial fire alarm immediately. Everything’s fine.

Sorry, we’re only able to update the fire department. It’s up to them if they’ll cancel. The best way to prevent a false dispatch is to place the account on test in advance. This can be done directly through your stages apps or with a call to Central Station.

Could you please cancel this account (or place it out of service) for me?

Sorry, no. Well, not unless you send in the proper documentation via email or fax. But you can do it directly from Stages immediately!

I need you to change (or add) a phone number to this customer’s account.

Sorry, but we’re not able to make those changes in central station. If you’d like to change the keyholder list or order, you’ll need to send in the proper documentation via email or fax to Data Entry. Or you can do it in Stages.

While we’d love to say yes, we also have an obligation to you to protect your business as well as ours and to follow the protocols set in place to make sure this happens. If our operators say no, please don’t take it personally. They hate to disappoint, but they also need to do the right thing.