System Inactivity Signals: How Can It Help You?

System Inactivity signals report to our Central Station as trouble signals. Unless alternate instructions have been notated on your dealer notepad or directly on a customer’s account, this particular signal triggers a call from our dispatchers directly to you, the dealer, where they either leave a message or tell you directly.

What is a System Inactivity Signal?

It’s simply a notification that an alarm system hasn’t been armed or disarmed for a specific amount of time. Sometimes (depending on how an account is set up) the signal reports after 24-72 hours. Other times, it’s after a week.

Whatever the time frame, once the signal arrives, it usually causes a call or an email to you or your customer. More often than not, you guys opt for a dealer only notification, and why not? The other option, of course, is to log the signal, notifying no one, and as always, the choice of how to handle this is yours.

But here’s the thing about those Inactivities…

They can be awesome as a heads up to you, the dealer when used properly, and may help you save yourself time, money, and maybe even a customer.


While it’s true that vacations may be a reason not to have armed or disarmed an alarm in a while, it’s usually not the main reason.

Here are some basic reasons why people may not have armed/disarmed their alarm:

  • They have guests/relatives staying from out of town who they worry about setting off the alarm.
  • They can’t remember the correct way to arm and disarm their alarm.
  • They have pets and are afraid the new animals may trigger their motion sensors.
  • Their alarm has been malfunctioning and they don’t want any more false alarm fines (and are pretty frustrated).
  • They don’t understand how to work their system and are too embarrassed/proud to call and ask for help.
  • They have moved and didn’t notify you. (Or maybe they’re ill or have passed and their family didn’t know to notify you.)

These are all things you, the dealer, can use as an opportunity.

If it’s due to malfunctions/false alarms, it’s a great chance for you to reach out and help them fix the issue via trouble shooting, a service call, or maybe even an equipment upgrade. Either way, that could mean peace of mind for both of you and additional revenues, too.

If it’s their motion sensors or their lack of understanding on how to properly set their alarms, a little education will win you and your technicians loyalty.

No matter how you look at it, System Inactivity alerts are great early warnings that something is going on with your customer that could use some follow up for you. This is such a better way of checking in with your customer pre-emptively rather than finding out after a break in that their alarm hasn’t been working or that they don’t know how to use it. It builds good relationships and saves you from an unnecessary blame game.