The Journey Begins

For a while now, we’ve wanted to create a deeper, stronger connection with our dealers. One that would enable us to be flexible, more available, and simply put, more connected.

We’ve wanted to create a place where we could share some thoughts on ways to help our dealers with some of the day to day issues we see both in the support side of the business, as well as in the central station. We also wanted to share successes, positive feedback, and what’s new or interesting in our shared industry.

Over the years, many of you have developed strong personal relationships with us and our team, and we’d like to continue to extend the process and help each other grow. To that end, we’re now officially on LinkedIn, Twitter, and of course, Facebook (and the buttons to follow us is on the sidebar of this blog).

With all the other changes that have rolled out (Stages), we figured now was the perfect time to launch ourselves into the social media stratosphere, as well! In the upcoming weeks you’ll see all sorts of helpful tips and tools to continue to build your business!

Thanks again for all your support! YOU are an important part of our TEAM!