The Power Is YOURS to Take! (Top 5 Dealer Time Savers)

Although there were a lot of awesome reasons to change from the old system to Stages, there were several features that made it an easy sale for what it could give to YOU, our dealers!

You wanted more control, especially during the hours when Support was closed, and we listened! Here are our Top 5 biggest Dealer Benefits that, when used properly, will give you more control of your business AND free up our dispatchers to focus on actual alarms and troubles for your customers. And you can do it from something as simple as a Smart Phone/hand held device OR from the comfort of your computer! Still not sure how to get the app? Click HERE!

  1. Remote access to place accounts (or just specific zones) on TEST in multiple ways to suit the needs of your business. Not sure how? Click HERE! Why wait for us when you can do it instantly on your own!
  2. Just signed a new client and need to create a new account? You can do that AND you don’t have to wait until Data Entry is open to enter the customer information!
  3. You’ve installed the account and are ready to activate it to go LIVE? Cancelled an account or a customer and now you need to cancel the account? You can do that yourself, too! Click HERE for the step by step.
  4. A business customer just terminated an employee suddenly and needs to remove them from the keyholder list or remove their access? Another client calls to update keyholders because it’s obsolete? You can do that all yourself! No need to wait anymore.
  5. You have a customer going on vacation or you want to create custom rules for handling certain specific alarms? You can do that. And you can make the notes time sensitive. Say for the exact length of time of your customer’s vacation. Or maybe for the length of time it will take to get a service call out to their home, or home construction to be completed. The practical application possibilities are endless!

Don’t get us wrong… We’re not saying we don’t love when you call in. Not at all. In fact, if you need to do things “old school,” that’s your decision and we’ll stand by it. What we ARE saying is that you guys have all these options available to you. So many of them are things you said you wanted! Now we’d love to see you use them! You’d be amazed at how much it will simplify your professional life.

And if you need tutorials? Laura has been generous enough to create step-by-step videos to walk you through the process and she updates them frequently! Click HERE to view the list!