Value In Vacation Notes

cruise shipWe all know that having a security system doesn’t guarantee a home doesn’t get broken into. Especially when the home owners are out of town. We also all know that you, the dealers, try to stress the importance of not announcing on social media or via answering machines or voicemails that they’re not home, and thus vulnerable. (It still happens. We know. But we all do our best, right?)

There are other steps your customers can take, though, to try to enjoy their vacations without worrying about everything they left back home, not to mention help us keep their homes safe and sound until their return (and minimize false alarms).

If your customers are leaving home anywhere from 48 hours to 30 days, we encourage them to call us and place vacation instructions (aka vacation notes) on their accounts. These are alternate instructions for our operators to follow for the duration of their time away.

What items can we place in an account note?

  • Whether or not there is a house sitter and their contact information
  • Whether or not to call someone before dispatching police
  • Who to call before dispatch
  • Whether they know the passcode or if the homeowner wants to give them a temporary one
  • Whether or not the keyholders have access to the home
  • Who to contact after dispatch

This information ensures that their alarms are handled properly and that the appropriate people are contacted to respond. It enables responders to go forward with confidence in the information that they’ve been given, and also often insures a more rapid response time as well as minimizes false alarms.

On a side note, if your customer is going to be gone more than 30 days, our central station will be redirecting the calls to you, the dealer, with the recommendation that you create an alternate action plan for long term absences. If you have any questions as to how to create one, please feel free to reach out to Dealer Support.

And if you’re still struggling to figure out Stages, please click HERE for video tutorials.