What Happened In Vegas…

The ISC West event is one of the big events we participate in each year, and we look forward to it. Unfortunately, not everyone can attend, or we’d have no one to support our awesome dealers, so we picked this terrific away team to represent us.

Our Awesome “Away” Team from left to right: Phill, Stephanie, Michelle, Laura, Victoria, and Stacey

We spent this valuable time out of office building relationships, listening to our clients share what we’re doing that’s been successful, and where they’d like to see us grow.

We got an opportunity to show our gratitude for the support they’ve shown as we’ve worked diligently this last year to improve our ability to respond to your customers by updating our Central Station operating system to allow us to respond better for your customers while also giving you, the Dealers, more access and control over your accounts.

Phill was able to share his knowledge, shop talking things like GSM Modules and LTE and all the other important technical parts of the business that gets techs and dealers excited, and he loved the opportunity to both shop talk with our current dealers and share our offerings with perspective clients.

We’re blessed to have such supportive dealers who come to this amazing trade event filled with all sorts of awesome seminars from how to sell more effectively to how to use social media to help your business, etc… Things that can genuinely help you grow, and you still come to find us to tell us how much you appreciate the day-to-day support our team provides you and your clients.

We’ve been so grateful, in fact, that we took some time out to pay it forward for children in need through the Security 5k run, where we raised $730 for Mission 500.

We’re in the business of creating a safe environment for families and businesses, and nothing speaks to the heart of a family more than our children. We were so proud to be a part of such a worthwhile event.

Of course, saving lives while saving our dealers money? That’s part of what’s helped create a successful and mutually symbiotic relationship, so we had to share that message, too.

The bottom line is that we here at All American Monitoring, love you all, and are grateful for the partnerships and loyalty we’ve built together through the years. We also strongly encourage you, if you haven’t gone before, to check out this event! Not only would we love to see you, but there are so many tools shared to help you grow your business…and you get to preview all the new, up and coming things in the Security Technology world! What’s not to like about that?

We truly do look forward to seeing you there next year, but it really is GOOD TO BE HOME!