When Burglary Strikes…

Criminal with a gunWhen a customer’s home or business burglary alarm goes off, what can you expect of our Central Station Operators to protect your clients and their property?

It actually depends on you and your instructions! If there are no special instructions, the steps are easy.

  • Call 2 numbers to verify whether or not it’s an actual alarm.
  • Dispatch police.
  • Call up to 4 more numbers on the call list to notify of alarm and dispatch.

It goes without saying that we also do the following steps:

  • If given the password, we clear the signal as a false alarm.
  • If the wrong password is given or no answer, we dispatch, then continue our calls.
  • If one of the notification calls advises of the false alarm and gives code, we attempt to cancel the police. (Please keep in mind, whether or not they cancel is their call.)
  • If we reach a notification call, we also find out if they will be responding, then update police with name, transportation description, and ETA if they are.
  • If the burglary is confirmed by police, we notify keyholders and the dealer.

Those are the standard steps. But you, the dealer, are in control and are able to adjust the responses to fit the needs of your businesses.

For example, if you need us to dispatch immediately, then verify? We can do it. If you want us to dispatch after 1 call verification? We can do it. If you don’t want us to dispatch at all? Yes, we can do notification calls only.

What do we need from you? Clear and specific instructions for any exceptions you would like us to make when we respond to your alarms. For example:

  • If you want 1 call verification, spell it out.
  • If you require dispatch only if multiple zones are tripped, tell us.
  • If you want us not to dispatch if Opens, Closes, or Cancels are received, we need to know.

The ball is always in you and your customers’ court. We simply want everyone to be safe and supported. Every bit of information you give us helps ensure a reduction in false alarms.

And if you’re still trying to figure out Stages, click HERE!