Where There’s Smoke…Fires

While our customers might not always realize the truth, we know that time is especially of the essence where fires are concerned. In fact, by the 2:30 minute mark, a two story home is already at 400 degrees, and by 4:33 minutes, rescue is virtually impossible.

This means it’s important we convey to our customers exactly how the process works when a fire alarm comes through. Why? So that they make smart choices and hopefully save their homes and businesses.

So how do we respond to fire alarms in the Central Station? Here are the steps.

Residential Fires

  • Verification calls are made to assigned SUBSCRIBER phone numbers (Please note — no subscribers = immediate dispatch)
  • If the Subscriber advises it’s a false alarm (cooking bacon, starting their fireplace, etc.) the signal is cleared.
  • If the Subscriber(s) don’t answer or they request it, we dispatch immediately.
  • If the Subscriber did not answer prior to dispatch, we’ll attempt to contact again to notify of alarm and dispatch as well as update the Fire department.

Commercial Fires

  • Once the signal is received, the operator begins dispatching immediately.
  • After dispatch, the operator will call the premise and/or keys to ascertain the details surrounding the alarm.
  • Any information gathered will be called back to update the Fire department (especially cause and responders).

If at any time we’re given confirmation that the alarm is an actual fire, we call you, the dealer, to notify you. Of course the same would apply if the Fire department notifies us of issues with the panel, damaged pipes or sprinklers, etc. This also means it’s hugely important that your dealer contact information with us stays current!

We want to keep your customers, and by extension, your businesses safe.

As a side note, please help your customers and your techs understand that we are legally obligated to dispatch immediately on commercial fire alarms. If you don’t want us to dispatch because you’re testing, that’s fine! Put the accounts on test so we don’t. And if you forget? We do call and update the Fire department, but it’s at their discretion as to whether or not they will cancel the call. We NEVER cancel, we only update.

Also, don’t think that by leaving the dispatch number off or placing a “place holder number” in lieu of the actual dispatch number that our Central Station operators won’t dispatch. They have an obligation to you and your customers to make that call. This means they are required to search and find the correct number and take the appropriate steps as dictated above. So please, if it’s a new account that you’re just putting in for the first time? Be smart. Call and put it on test or get on Stages yourself and place the account on test. If you’re still not sure how, click HERE to be redirected to the tutorials.