You Learn Something New Every Day

We’ve been in the alarm industry for quite some time. As a family owned business, we take pride in the product we offer and work hard to make sure that we’re offering everything we possibly can for our dealers. After all, there aren’t many companies that can say that they’ve never raised their basic monitoring pricing. But we can. In fact, at $2.50 per month for nationwide monitoring, it’s pretty much impossible to beat our rates.

So imagine our surprise when we were in Las Vegas for the ISC West event earlier this month to find out that quite a few of our dealers had no idea we offered LTE/GSM communicators at the competitive rate of $59.99, which includes a 3 ft. antenna. Want longer antennae? We offer those, too, at just a few dollars more.

While Long Term Evolution and Global Systems Motility have been around for what seems like forever in the cell phone world, their versatile capabilities are a little newer (though not that new) to the alarm industry, and their benefits are far reaching. They allow for more reliability at a broader range, they’re simpler to install, they make security systems more tamper resistant, and best yet, their lifetime costs are much more reasonable compared to landline based broadband or telephone services. Throw in the ability to arm and disarm remotely, and what’s not to like?

Here’s a little more info for you dealers who’ve been a little hesitant to jump into the GSM world (Yes, we know there are still plenty of old school dealers out there, and although we love you guys, too, we want to make sure you have enough information to make an educated decision so you never feel like you’ve missed out.) our GSM communicators are designed to be both easy to install and use. The connectivity is pre-configured, it sends real time text and email notifications at no additional charge, and there’s a free mobile app for you to use to monitor communicator statuses.

If the concern is the monthly service fee, the GSM monitoring is $3 which includes those free texts and the app mentioned above. The only other thing would be the $2.50 monitoring. In other words, the total monthly charge would be $5.50.

For more information on the GSM products, click HERE! If you’re feeling ready to order, click HERE to order by check, or HERE to order by card. And if you still need more information, please reach out to us HERE!